My daughter was really battling in another school till she joined Crest College, it was the best thing I have ever done, she is doing so well, and Crest College is really making our life easier as they really going out of their way to help these kids and don't make it your problem. And best of all no home work. Well done Fiona.

Awesome teachers who are willing to go the extra mile to uncover (not discover) each learner’s true potential and then help them develop it more. Crest College don’t change your child to fit into the educational system. Instead they develop each child to be more confident in his or her ability to be successful. These amazing teachers also provide support to learners encouraging them to be aware and tolerant of each other’s differences. We made the right choice for our son who was diagnosed with Aspergers and Sensory Processing Disorder. Thank-you

Crest College has been a life changing experience for my two kids, who have made remarkable progress since starting at the beginning of 2018. As a parent you always want the best for your children and I would not ask for a better environment for mine. Each child is treated with dignity and love. But most of all the ability of teachers to remain enthusiastic at all times to mould and teach needs to be commended. No obstacle is too huge for them instead they work tirelessly to find the best interventions. When a need arises, motherly instincts kick in and the ambience that is created both in the classroom and surroundings allows the kids to feel special and capable against all odds. A Grateful Mom. Crest you are one of a kind.

Fiona Murray-Smith what a lovely and caring person. My son was deserted by many schools because of his educational background one of my friends told me about Crest College and I went there with no hope. WOW, I went home smiling she accepted Siyabonga with no judgement today my son is a champion. Fiona you are a blessing in disguise couldn’t stop talking, thank you for everything, God Bless.

Working with Crest Learning Centre and applying the study skills they taught him, he has not only excelled in his academics, he has become a confident and happy child. Only six months later at the end of 2015 he won the progress award for academics in the Senior primary.