We Understand

We Understand

Our Heart is to Avoid

  • Learners taken out of their class at school interrupts their daily school curriculum causing unnecessary stress.
  • Remedial classes during school - duration only 45 min, not enough time per week to close the gap.
  • Extra lessons increase the work load of the learner and create more anxiety.
  • Child is labelled amongst peers thereby causing low self-esteem.
  • Extra work for a child that is already battling - makes no sense to overload with more.
  • Stress on families at homework time, parents and children are tired and not equipped to help child efficiently, thus causing unnecessary anxiety for the whole family thereby affecting quality family time.
  • Exam stress and anxiety.
  • Private and General Remedial or Extra One on One interventions are charged at phenomenal hourly rates.

Although there is a place for specialists and medication, teachers and parents that are not equipped or don’t have enough time in the day to help and set long term tools often take the easy road or the only road that was advised due to lack of knowledge and research. Let’s work smart, together and find the root of the problem before jumping into the shark tank.

We are a team of professionals keeping communication channels confidentially open between us so that all specialists are aware of the child's needs and can work together, creating a happy space for all going forward.

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