• As well as providing you with the above information, the GBOP offers an additional aspect which NO OTHER assessment tool on the market can: the ability to accurately predict how stress will affect your profile and the result that will have related to various aspects of your functioning. During stress the non-dominant hemisphere goes into synaptic stress, resulting in ‘blockages’ of modalities functioning from that part of the brain. For example, individuals who experience stress blockages in both their expressive modalities (the hand and foot), are likely to present with ADD / ADHD symptoms such as spontaneous movement, frustration, aggression, emotional outbursts, concentration difficulties and so on. This will allow you to predetermine what learning problems your child may experience, or alternatively explain why a child currently experiences certain learning problems when stressed. For example, misreading questions in an exam or test, not seeing their own mistakes, transposing letters and numbers, and so on, are indicative of a blocked eye when nervous.
  • It is therefore essential by knowing your child’s profile, mot behavioral issues can be explained from a physiological point of view. In many cases this enables parents, teachers and therapists to help MANAGE THE CHILD ACCORDING TO THEIR PROFILE, and avoid potentially unnecessary medication prescriptions, and endless therapy.
  • While we do believe that the basis for many behavioral and personality characteristics spring from the individual’s GBOP, we also acknowledge that there is a time and place for medication and associated therapies. The versatility of GBOP allows us to work hand in hand with any other form of support, in order to help the children receive a complete, holistic treatment or management programme. GBOP should simply be considered as the precursor to any other assessment, in order to provide a foundation from which to work.